Mailbox and Lamp Post Painting

We take the ugliest mailboxes and lamp post and restore them to their original glory. A beautiful gloss black mailbox with bright red flag and glistening gold lettering.   And a gloss black light post with a bright gold eagle to compliment the mailbox.

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Mailbox Repairs, New Numbers, Even Full Mailbox Replacement

Some mailboxes and light post need more than just a fresh coat of paint. Some have broken, missing parts. Some even need welding.  We carry many of the parts to repair most situations. Including new acrylic 3D numbers, vinyl numbers, new flags, door closers, cross poles, replacement glass and gold eagles to name a few.

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Light Post Repair and PVC Sleeve

Since the light post are made of steel, many times they rust through at the base and fall over. We have a couple of solutions to repair this situation. One is to set the existing pole in a new PVC base and the other is to completely replace the pole.

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John and Katie are a brother sister team who have been restoring mailboxes to their original glory for over 3 years now. They both are teens that live in Fontainebleau subdivision in Mandeville. Just in case you are worried, all the work is overseen by their father for quality control.

Each mailbox and light post goes through a rigorous process to make the refinishing job last as long as possible.

The mailbox and light post are first scraped to remove any flaking or loose paint. Next, they are lightly sanded to remove any imperfections and give the new paint a good surface to adhere to.  Once sanded, the mailbox and post are washed with soap and a bristle brush to remove any remaining dirt and sanding dust, then let to dry.

Once cleaned, the mailbox and post are given two coats of Rustoleum brand high gloss black paint. Then finished off with a freshly painted, bright red flag and gold lettering.


Next Steps...

If you are interested in having us restore your mailbox and light post to its original glory, please fill out one of our work orders and email it back to us. It can even be just a photo of the completed work order sent to us by email.